[GUIDE] Tower of The Dead : B2F

Tower of Dead: B2F including Hidden Quests

Entry Warp: Center of Undead Ground, near Wraiths.
Required Item: Epaulette of the Dead – B2F (EoD B2F).
Required Level : 105
Total Reward: 7,000,000 Alz and 10,100 Honor points

There is no more alz rewarded for CabalSEA. All alz changed to honor points.

*Bosses names are in red color

Step 1 : Go to the entry warp. You will need EoD-B2F to enter this warp (place it in your inventory).

Step 2 : When you get inside, click the Tomb Stone at your right side to open the 1st Flower Gate.

Step 3 : Move forward and you will reach to 2nd and 3rd Flower Gate (have 2 gates). You need to click the Tomb Stone at your right side to activate the gate. These gate will open and close in interval.

Step 4 : Move forward and you will found the 1st “Death Flower Queen“. Kill it and the Death Fogs will disappear in 15minutes.

Step 5 : Move forward to kill the 2nd “Death Flower Queen“.

Step 6 : Move forward and click the Tomb Stone at your left side to open the gate and keep moving until you reach 1st room (not really a room but large area).

Step 7 : Clear the area, and wait for the 1st group of mobs (flame warrior and flame slater) spawn. Finish it and wait for the 2nd group. While you clearing the 2nd group, a boss will appear, named “Ekzane” (Flame Hound boss). Finish it.

Step 8 : Move forward and you will enter the Death Flower room. You need to click the Tomb Stone (1) to spawn the boss.

Step 9 : Boss, named “Flame Emperor Zombie” will appear on the left side of the room (2). Kill it and it will drop the key for the next quest.

Step 10 : After the boss is killed, click the sword. It’s a [Hidden Quest] for extra honor at end of B2F. Answers : 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1

Step 11 : Move towards the stairs, you will see the dead body. Click it and take 2 (two) items from it. Move forward until reach a gate. Answers : 1-2-1

Step 12 : Click on the statue (with fire on top of it) on the left side of the gate and the gate will open. Move to the next gate.

Step 13 : Here, you need to kill a boss named “Arban Raikett“. Wait until the gate is open, and move to the next room.

Step 14 : In that room, kill a boss named “Fellins Luerow“. Here you can get 1 more [Hidden Quest]. Just kill the Phantom Archer and a “Bat” will spawn. But BEWARE! Don’t miss it. It will spawn for seconds. It will drop Nasty Potion that will be used for the next quest (this is the key to get 5mil Alz reward).

Step 15 : After done with it, you need to go back to previous room. Click the Coffin there.

Step 16 : After clicking it, some mobs will spawn together with a Vampire. Kill that Vampire and take the drop (crystal).

Step 17 : Move back to Fellins Luerow room and click the Coffin there. Another group of mobs will spawn together with another Vampire. Kill it and take the drop (Grim Ring).

Step 18 : Move towards the gate and go to the next room when the gate is open.

Step 19 : Kill a boss named “Perzen Bhha” (archer boss) and click the statue (with fire on it) on the left side of the gate to open the gate. Move up.

Step 20 : Clear the mobs and 2 (two) Vampire will spawn. Kill it.

Step 21 : After that, “Bloody Lady” will spawn. You need to click the Coffin there to spawn a boss named “Prozaque von Zatelerean” (vampire boss). Kill both.


Step 22 : Next, click the small box at the end of the room. You will be rewarded 2mil Alz. Now, move back and get out from that room. Go back to the gate before the Archer boss room.

Step 23 : Click on the statue at the right side of the gate (gate to the next room). After clicking it, the gate will be destroyed and move to the left side of the room.

Step 24 : Kill the next boss named “Printz Verzen” and take the drop (Verzen’s Halberd).

Step 25 : Then, click on these 2 (two) things, in order. You will be rewarded 100 Honor points.

Step 26 : Move to the right side, click other 2 (two) things in order (left then right). Answers : 1-2-1

[Suggestion for Step 27 to Step 29 : Let 1 person to do it. Other party members can wait inside the Printz room]

Step 27 : Now, it’s the time to do the next hidden quest before you move to the next stage. Go back to the place after the Death Flower room, find the 1st Mirror and click it.

Step 28 : Move back a bit and find for the 2nd Mirror and click it.

Step 29 : Now go back to the Bloody Lady room, find the 3rd Mirror and click it. Then go back to Printz room.

Step 30 : On the right side of the Printz room, and click on the Tomb Stone at the right side of the gate. This will activate the ghost quest and open the gate. Move inside.

Step 31 : You will see a Controller inside and you need to click it to spawn the ghost.

Step 32 : Here, you need to kill 3 (three) ghosts, Green Ghost, Blue Ghost and Red Ghost. Only one of each kind will spawn. But BEWARE! It will spawn together with White Ghosts (many of them, not one – not necessary to finish it).

Step 33 : Then, click back the Controller to open the next gate.

Step 34 : Move to the next room and clear the mobs there. Then, you need to wait about 2minutes and the next boss named “Jumar Carbo” will spawn. Kill it.

Step 35 : After that, find a tomb on the right side of the room and click it. The next gate will be destroyed. Answers : 1-2-3-1. You need to clear the mobs in the next room (Suggestion : after clear the mobs, go back to Jumar Carbo room). Then, you need to wait about 3minutes and the next boss will spawn inside the next room.

Step 36 : Now you need to kill this boss, named “Andreas Schultz“.

Step 37 : After that, click the Well (at the center of the room) [1-1-2-1], then click the Torture Chair [1-1-4-1]. Now get to the gate and ready to dash. The next path that we will go through, there are something on the wall that can kill you in seconds – it will appear in a few seconds after you click the controller (so, be prepared with your buffs). When ready, click the Controller to open the gate and dash!

Step 38 : After that, you will end up at a corridor. You can see a Controller after the gate there. Click it. You will be rewarded 500 Honor points. Clear all the mobs on that corridor and the next gate will open.

Step 39 : Get in to the next room and kill a boss named “Killian Grausten“. When finish, a group of mobs will spawn at the beginning of that room. Then, 2nd group of mobs will spawn. After that, “Death Prime Knight” with the other mobs will spawn in front of the room. Kill it.

Step 40 : Once the “Death Prime Knight” died, 5 (five) clones of “Killian Grausten” (in transparent color) will spawn. Kill them! (if you kill a correct clone, the other clones will disappear).

Step 41 : 2 (two) “Prime Knights” will spawn after that together with the last boss named “Killian Grausten“. Kill all.

Step 42 : After all done, Legacy Chest will appear. Then click the Coffin and choose the 2nd answer, then follow the next answer. The warp in front of it will bring you to the crystal room. Get inside, take the most left exit. Don’t click the center crystal yet! Then you will spawn back to the Printz room. Dash to Jumar Carbo room.

Step 43 : In Jumar room, click the Torture Chair to activate the Troll quest. Now you need to kill 8 (eight) “Phantom Troll“, one by one.

Step 44 : After each Troll died, 1 person need to break the chest. The chest is located inside 1 room beside the Torture Chair. The gate will open for a few seconds. So BEWARE! When you finish the Troll, click the Torture Chair again to get the reward. You will be rewarded 5mil Alz.

Step 45 : Now, 1 person need to go finish the dungeon. Go to Andreas’s room and click the Torture Chair. Then, move forward to Killian room.

Step 46 : At the entrance of that room, find a Dead Body and a Bag. Click the Bag FIRST, then click the Dead Body.

Step 47 : Now go to the end of Killian room and enter the crystal room and click the center crystal.


-= THE END =-

Credit to Nightmore
**I re-arrange the steps and use my explanations.
Original Source




87 thoughts on “[GUIDE] Tower of The Dead : B2F

  1. Usually, me and my party will clear all the ghost before moving forward. After all ghosts have been cleared, click the controller (to break the next door), then move to the next room.

  2. i don’t think u can. u need high damage to finish b2f with hidden quest. usually ppl will not solo. if u want to solo, u can try at lvl140+. but its not recommended.

  3. Thankyou!,

    I am trying alone everyday, its too hard but your work so usufull for me… when ı will become powerfull I ‘ll arrive end of b2f ;)…

    thx and love…

  4. Step 22 : Next, click the small box at the end of the room. You will be rewarded 2mil Alz

    little error is not 2 mil alz but 3200 honour point

  5. I already put a credit to Nightmore there..and i’m not Nightmore. If i’m that person, why i need to credit to myself then.

    Yes i did copied (not copyed) his guide. And i add extra info there..


  6. it can be everybody of the party member will receive that 5m alz??or only the character who made it the quest??

  7. all member in the party will get the same rewards (honors / alz / core cube) as long as the player is inside the dungeon.

    **there are only honors and core cube for CabalSEA

  8. nice guide! i knew all quests beside troll 😛 i knew there where vampires but not phathom troll



  9. You need enough damage to solo it. You may need some buff potions to help you boost your damage. I never attempt to solo it. Hehe..

  10. weew..nice instructions you posed there buddy..thank you.. i went solo but only killed 1 troll…hehehe.. nid more time to finish alone…hehehe

  11. The door have timer. I forgot the exact time, but it should be around 30-40 seconds. It will open for 2-3 seconds. If you miss it, wait again.

  12. Hey just to inform you CABAL PH is different, after clicking the little box next to the coffin in the room with the +:BLOODY LADY:+ NO ALZ, NO REWARD just the relic chest, Also after the +:8 TROLL:+ quest NO ALZ REWARD only 4000 honor points….

  13. When i try to use the numbers posted here and in previous ones it does not procede.

    So how must i know which is number 2 for instance on the sword on the second boss it fails :

    Flame Warrior Boss for extra honor at end of B2F. Answers : 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 << fails when i choose the 2
    on the server i see 5 options to choose from.

    Ofcourse the dead body works since there are not so many options.

    Later on the room from Juma and the next i get the same problem the answers provided dont progress the quest

  14. tnx for this info.. r u still playing cabal?? wat set do u wear?? ur using wiz ryt? accesories and set? i have blader 145 but i think i like to make wiz.. for dungeon hunt..

  15. What the hell happens that after i kill the trolls when i go to andreas’s room i click on the chair but nothing happens, and when i go to the dead body with a bag still nothing happens after clicking them both. WHAT TO DO?

  16. Dude, Thanks a lot! it really helped! and I’m doing solo with my Force blader Lvl 159 with Terra set +7 ssa and Amulet of pain with 2 Ring of fighter+10 Osmium katana deathblow+7+16cdi+20%cdi(2 slot)+Topaz orb of deathblow+7+16cdi+20%cdi and epaulet of guard+7

  17. what is the purpose of cliking the bag and body? i just continued on the crytal, havent cliked the bad and body but i finish the dungeon. i missed one of your guide. but anyway its very USEFULL. tnx so much

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